Eden’s Way Gardening Systems, the Ultimate Growing System!
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Common Sense Organics

At Eden’s Way we teach you how to build your own raised-bed gardens. With a unique blend of an organic growing medium and plant supplements made from naturally produced trace minerals. Find more info on shedsfirst

you will grow the best vegetables possible using methods developed by a gardening expert from America’s heartland.

Be the envy of your neighbors. Grow the biggest, tastiest vegetables in your own weed-free garden – with no power tools and with no worries. Just plant, water, and watch it grow.

We cannot possibly tell you everything here about our system. Come to our class to get started and you’ll have your own personal gardening advisor forever.

  • Feed your entire family.
         We teach you how

  • Grow anywhere – grass, dirt,
         gravel, or concrete

  • Green roof technology – how about a
         rooftop garden producing 4 to 5
         times more vegetables

  • Sit down to plant and harvest

  • No bending or stooping – say
         goodbye to sore knees

  • One year’s harvest can pay for
         your garden

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